Urban Jungle update

It’s time to share latest gardening (indoor and… outdoor) news.  I always liked idea of community gardens and when I googled if there were some of them in Bratislava, I discovered that I had one not just close to my place but literally under my windows. I’ve sent a request to a local urban garden community to become a member for this year.

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Leopard print cookies

What’s your opinion on leopard pattern? Controversial as it is in the fashion world, I like to think about it more in terms of marketing and psychology (it reminds me of the beautiful archetypes of people living in caves and wearing animal skins). That said, I’m not sure if I’ve ever had something animal printed at home 🙂 Leopard print cookies are the rare exception as they are easy to make, taste heavenly and last, but not least – they are Oh so very photogenic!

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Traditional Slovak food exposed part3. Horalky and Kofola

Hiking season is coming so it’s time to write a post about the second famous Slovak food combination Horalky plus Kofola. How can a wafer bar and soft drink be connected with hiking? Let me tell you.

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Traditional Slovak food exposed part2. Codfish mayonnaise salad.

Treska v majonéze aka codfish mayonnaise salad is a true Slovak phenomena. Who could expect that in a continental country without a sea coast where sea food is not too popular, fish based salad will become one of the most famous dishes? And why did codfish salad and long roll bread become one of the two most popular food combinations in Slovakia?

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