Stuffed bell peppers recipe

What is your recipe for “what to do with leftovers”? I’ve read plenty of recipes, but most of them were about “take everything you want, add eggs and cheese and bake/fry” – it’s boring, isn’t it?. In my search for a way to use leftovers I came to a summer recipe that is much more enjoyable.

(for 2 portions)

3 pcs of bell peppers

1 pcs shallot (or leek or onion)

1 egg

100g of tomato pasta (or canned tomatoes)

1 cup of boiled rice

greens and sour cream (optional) for serving

olives or capers (2 tablespoons)

and now it’s time for creativity 🙂
I had 1 big roasted chicken breast so I used it, but if you are vegetarian, you can use any kind of legumes (beans, chickpea, lentils, whatever). Amount of meat/legumes filling should be equal or smaller to amount of rice.

*small notice. I am crazy about combination of fried bacon and peppers, don’t even know why, so if you are not afraid of eating bacon, fry small piece of it together with onions.


  1. Cut peppers into 2 half lengthwise, remove seeds.
  2. Cut shallot into thin strips and fry until it becomes soft. Then add boiled rice, diced meat, tomato pasta, minced olives or capers, stir and roast together on low heat for a few minutes.
  3. Fill papers with filling using a spoon. Put them on a baking form with a few tablespoons of water and bake for 25 minutes in the oven preheated to 185C.
  4. Break egg into a bowl, mix yolk with white and make egg wash. Brush it to peppers carefully.
  5. When everything is ready, serve with fresh greens and optionally, sour cream.

Can’t wait eggplants to come to the season and I will make stuffed eggplants too.


Author: Ferns'n'Cakes

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